The Package Support Framework (PSF) was originally an open-source project to help Win32/DotNet applications run when inside an MSIX Container.  TMurgent has taken up the support for the PSF in our own fork here on GitHub.

A new update to the PSF has been released.  And it looks like I forgot to post about the last update so I’ll include details on that too.

From the release notes for v2023.07.03:

  • RegLegacyFixup: A fix was made to an issue that caused only the first configuration rule to be implemented.
  • MFRFixup: Fixes to MFRFixup in IlVAware mode that were needed after a package file has been deleted.
  • Tests: Fixes for MFR tests in the testbed.

From the release notes for v2023.06.05

  • PsfRuntime: Fix issue with mixed bit processes and injection of PsfRuntime into new process when the Psf components are not in the root folder of the package (i.e. PsfTooling was used to add the PSF).

My fork of the Package Support Framework is found on GitHub here: TimMangan/MSIX-PackageSupportFramework: The Package Support Framework (PSF) is a kit for applying compatibility fixes to packaged desktop applications. ( In addition to the source, the release file has pre-built binaries that can be directly used by you.

The v2023.07.03 version will also be included in TMEditX 3.3 which is being released tomorrow.  v2023.06.05 was included in PsfTooling version 6.3; v2023.07.03 will be included in the next version of PsfTooling.


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