Looking for a hassle-free way to streamline your software installations? AppDeployNews (ADN) Silent Switch Finder is here to simplify the process for you! This powerful yet user-friendly application empowers you to locate and use silent install commands across a wide array of software applications, making silent installations a breeze.

Some background information

Were you aware that the Universal Silent Switch Finder hasn’t seen any updates since 2014? Here at AppDeployNews, we recognized the persistent need within the community to search for silent installation parameters. Consequently, we undertook the endeavor of completely redesigning and redeveloping the application from the ground up. We are just starting.

How it works

The ADN Silent Switch Finder first analyses the setup file. It can identify dozens of installers. It can also extract information from (among others) MSI files. It will also look into the AppDeployNews database for information you may need for deploying the setup via SCCM or Intune. The discovered generic technical details will be shared both ways, so by using this tool you will help the community and they will help you as well. The more people use it the better the experience will get. We will be checking all the information to make sure everything is correct and usable.

ADN Silent Switch Finder
ADN Silent Switch Finder

No information found?

If you did not get any information for the tool, you can fill in a “Request app form“. We will be monitoring the requests and will search and add as much information as possible for the installer. When a request is honored you will receive the information first.

Download for Free

Get your free copy of ADN Silent Switch Finder by clicking the button below, and begin your hassle-free exploration of silent installation parameters today. We would like to hear your feedback to help us enhance and refine this tool further. Your insights and suggestions are invaluable in our ongoing efforts to make this tool the best it can be.