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TMEditX is the licensed and more capable tool for fixing MSIX packages since it doesn’t have to depend on the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to create the final package. Download_page

The TMEditX package contains several applications. Changes to the apps are separated by app below:

TMEditX Changes:

  • Feature: Add right-click to Files tab on folders that dynamically adds an “add LoaderSearchOrder” to the manifest.
  • Feature: Add buttons to export/import a list of exclusions to XML file on the File/Options screen.
  • Feature: Added SkipEnvVar and SkipDynDll options to command line parameters for automation.
  • Feature: Added a new option in the PsfLauncher config that adds any console exes to the JSON.config processes list without fixups (not enabled by default).
  • Feature: Added new tab “Exes” that shows analysis of any EXE file in the package. Also added a button to patch an exe to increase the StackReserveSpace.
  • Change: Reordered the tabs in the main display.
  • Change: When starting the PsfEditor, removed RegLegacyFixups as an automatic default in the Psf Configuration Editing window. Some apps need it (and we can’t detect that they do without running the app), but it turns out it isn’t saved for certain .net apps.
  • Fix: Includes April and June 2022 PSF updates. This includes:
    – PsfLauncher now has option to exclude console apps from dll injection.
    – PsfRuntime added AddDllDirectory and SetDllDirectory intercepts. Currently this is only for debug logging until we determine the need.
    – An FRF fix for redirection paths containing forward slashes instead of backslash (CreateDirectory) as well as grandparent path triming.
    – Improved RegLegacy Debug logging until virtual registry fix in OS arrives.
    – June improvements documented in this post:
  • Fix: for AppPath for dll and exe detection and implementation issues.
  • Fix: crash when adding shortcut folder to applications that didn’t already have desktop9 in the manifest. Similar potential crashes due to added schema extensions also eliminated.
  • Fix: issue when you select a PS1 file for PsfLauncher Scripting that is not in the package. The %MsixPackageRoot% variable used to replace the path when copied into the package had a typo.
  • Fix: The Automated package cleanup was removing too many files in certain cases. This has been resolved.

Bonus Video

See Tim Mangan package up Microsoft R Studio with R and using TMEditX 2.3 to fix the issues due to multiple versions of R (32 and 64 bit) being in the package. .

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