Ronald Vonk

Ronald Vonk

Ronald had 30 years of experience in IT, of which 20 years were in application packaging. He specialized in optimizing processes and information storage. In 2005 he developed the first version of SparkleFlow, a workflow tool for managing applications, packages, documents, information, and communication. Today, SparkleFlow has grown into a framework for managing applications, processes, and information in Enterprise Organizations. Ronald is an expert in making managing applications structured and easy, no matter how complex the environment is or how many applications are managed.

SparkleFlow vs ServiceNow

SparkleFlow vs ServiceNow APM

SparkleFlow is primarily focused on streamlining application packaging processes and managing application releases. It provides a central view of software versions, updates, and patches, and helps plan, test, and roll out software updates and new versions. In...

Man Searching

Free Tool: AppDeployNews Silent Switch Finder

Navigating the world of application packaging is a task most of us are all too familiar with. We asked a while back how many of you are searching for silent install switches on a daily basis. More than half reacted with a resounding yes. Recognizing this, we've...

SparkleFlow and DevOps

SparkleFlow in relation to DevOps

Efficient Management of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Applications In the world of software development, DevOps has become a familiar term, promising faster delivery, higher quality, and enhanced collaboration. While DevOps is often associated with the...

Checklist Loupe

Managing licenses made easy

Managing licenses might be one of the most challenging tasks within IT management. It's not part of the primary process, so delaying it for a day (or a week, month, etc.) doesn't necessarily pose an immediate issue. Additionally, it's often unclear who is...

Shared Service Centers

Application Management for Shared Service Centers

Unleash the Power of SparkleFlow to Drive Efficiency and Support Strategic Initiatives in IT Shared Service Centers Introduction Shared service centers are becoming increasingly popular as organizations look to centralize their IT services and maximize efficiency....

SparkleFlow compared to Mavim and Jira

Workflow Software compared

We often get questions about how SparkleFlow compares to other titles. Since our proposition is unique it's often like comparing apples to oranges, but to get a better understanding of this we have compared them in a matrix. In this comparison, we compare it with...


Unpacking Microsoft’s MSIX

Today, we delve into the intriguing world of Microsoft MSIX technology, exploring what MSIX is, the benefits it delivers, and, crucially, some of the challenges that may arise in its application. Let's get started. What is MSIX? MSIX is Microsoft's modern...


ITNinja: The Transformative Journey

The Genesis: Establishing the ITNinja Community In the tech world, ITNinja began as a beacon of innovation and knowledge-sharing. The brainchild of Bob Kelly, this community sprouted in September 1999 under the name A prominent destination for...

Microsoft Entra

Goodbye Azure AD, Hello Entra ID

Steve Ballmer, if you remember him, was the one who came up with the name "Azure Active Directory." But after many years of confusion, Microsoft has now shifted towards more explicit branding. This change is part of the broader renaming strategy in which security...


Understanding Microsoft InTune

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Microsoft InTune has become a buzzword. But what exactly is Microsoft InTune, and why does it matter? This article will explain it from two key perspectives: the end user's and the admin's. Microsoft InTune from the End...

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