Discover, an article by Michael Meier, how Intune’s new “BIOS configurations and other settings” template simplifies Dell UEFI settings configuration. Dell’s comprehensive guide is a valuable resource for this process.

Setting the Stage with Dell Command Configure

Begin by preparing your UEFI settings using the Dell Command Configure tool. Once installed, you can easily configure the necessary settings and export them to a .cctk file for use in Intune.

Deploying with Intune

Ensure the Dell Command | Endpoint Configure for Microsoft Intune tool is deployed to all Dell endpoints requiring UEFI modifications. Dell’s detailed documentation guides you through the app deployment process.

Creating an Intune Configuration Profile

With the provider deployed, create a new Configuration Profile in Intune using the “BIOS configurations and other settings” template. Start by naming the profile, then select Dell as the manufacturer and upload your config file. Apply Scope Tags if needed, and assign the profile to the relevant device group. Review your selections and finalize the policy creation.

Troubleshooting Tips

Post-deployment, troubleshoot any issues by checking the log files located at C:\ProgramData\Dell\EndpointConfigure. Address any bios password-related errors to ensure a smooth configuration process.

Enhanced Password Management

Intune’s per-device BIOS password protection enhances security by assigning unique passwords, eliminating the risks associated with a universal password. Access individual device passwords via the Graph API when manual UEFI adjustments are necessary.


This integration streamlines hardware support tasks, eliminating the need for custom packages for each hardware model and setting. The per-device password protection significantly bolsters device security, safeguarding against potential compromises during manual troubleshooting.
By embracing these advancements, hardware support professionals can enjoy a more efficient and secure configuration process.

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