In Enterprise IT management, the ability to swiftly and effectively troubleshoot application issues is paramount. Microsoft Intune, a leader in unified endpoint management, has introduced a game-changing feature that significantly enhances admin capabilities: remote diagnostics for Microsoft 365 applications.

Introducing Remote Diagnostics

Traditionally, diagnosing issues with Microsoft 365 applications on iOS and Android devices has been a cumbersome process. It required end-users to manually collect and send application diagnostics to the IT support team, a task that can be time-consuming and technically challenging for many users.
With the introduction of remote diagnostics, Microsoft Intune has simplified this process. Admins can now request Intune app protection and Microsoft 365 application diagnostics directly from the Intune admin center. This feature can now gather necessary diagnostics without relying on user intervention.

How It Works

When an issue arises with a Microsoft 365 application, an admin can initiate a diagnostic request through the Intune admin center’s Troubleshooting pane. The user, upon opening their application, will receive a prompt to upload the diagnostics. These can then be accessed by Microsoft support for further analysis and troubleshooting.

Benefits for IT Admins and End-Users

The benefits of remote diagnostics are twofold. For IT admins, it means a more efficient and less intrusive way to manage application issues. For end-users, it translates to a seamless experience where they can continue their work uninterrupted while the IT team handles the diagnostics in the background.

Looking Ahead

Microsoft Intune’s remote diagnostics feature is currently available for Outlook Mobile, with plans to extend support to OneDrive, Teams, and other applications in the near future. This proactive approach by Microsoft underscores their commitment to enhancing productivity and security across the enterprise.


The remote diagnostics feature in Microsoft Intune is a testament to Microsoft’s dedication to innovation in cloud-native management. By empowering IT admins with more robust tools and simplifying the user experience, Microsoft Intune is setting a new standard for enterprise IT management.

This article provides an overview of the new capabilities brought by Microsoft Intune’s remote diagnostics feature. For a more detailed breakdown, you can refer to the original articles on the Microsoft Community Hub and the Microsoft Intune blog.