Juriba’s latest innovation, Juriba App Owner, is poised to significantly benefit application packaging teams by distributing the monitoring responsibilities across a broader base, effectively scaling application management, and alleviating the pressure on system management teams in the enterprise.

As you well know, in large organizations where applications are numerous and diverse, the burden on system management teams to maintain and update each application can be overwhelming. By decentralizing this responsibility through an application owner program, more stakeholders are involved in the application’s lifecycle, which not only improves coverage but also enhances the responsiveness to necessary updates and changes. It is a widely adopted concept but is seldom implemented in a manner that provides confidence in coverage and output.

The App Owner solution ensures that application owners are reminded to carry out regular check-ins with automated notifications and clear, actionable insights. These processes are crucial for maintaining up-to-date and secure applications, a task that becomes more manageable when distributed across more team members. As a result, system management teams can focus on more strategic initiatives rather than being bogged down by the day-to-day operational workload.

Moreover, Juriba App Owner provides valuable data-driven dashboards and reports generated from consistent feedback from application owners. It helps organizations easily establish and enforce service level agreements (SLAs) and track the effectiveness of the program.

Beyond just oversight, Juriba App Owner integrates with its automated packaging and testing solutions, allowing even non-technical staff to package and test most applications. This feature substantially increases the speed of deploying updates and reduces the demand on technical resources, further easing the load on system management teams.

For IT professionals who oversee large application owner programs, Juriba App Owner offers a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective solution to enhance their operational capabilities. It fosters a more collaborative environment where the responsibility for applications is shared, ensuring better management and oversight.

Juriba is currently inviting IT professionals to join the waitlist for Juriba App Owner, signaling a significant step forward in application management and digital transformation. For those interested in harnessing these benefits for their teams, visit Juriba’s official product home page at https://www.juriba.com/en/app-owner