Implementing an Application Owner program is a common best practice for enterprises to manage large application portfolios. However, it’s often considered ineffective due to a combination of challenges associated with visibility, governance, and accountability. With Juriba App Owner, you can gain a bird’s-eye view of the organization’s application owner initiative and gain confidence in its effectiveness and the value being delivered.

  • As application owners depart the organization and new applications are introduced, you can clearly confirm desired coverage. Not every app needs an owner, so App Owner allows you to filter away those that are not applicable so you can focus on what matters.
  • Set application check-in intervals in bulk or individually as desired and quickly identify applications that fall outside defined goals.
  • By collecting check-in details with a consistent, simple form, you can now measure the output of your application owner program in ways previously not possible.
  • Application Owners are sent email reminders to check in, where they complete a simple, one-page form identifying the status of updates and their recommendation for implementing available updates.
  • Application owners enjoy a simple interface where it is easy to see what applications are assigned when check-ins are due and perform such check-ins

Read more and watch an explainer video in this Juriba blog article.


Bob Kelly