TMEditX is the licensed and more capable tool for fixing up MSIX packages since it doesn’t have to depend on the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to create the final package.  [Download_page]

Version 3.3 of TMEditX is now released. It rolls up a number of new features, improvements, and bug-fixes for the end of the spring season.  The tool consists of three major applications, plus the PSF.  The PSF used in this release is v2023.07.03.

The focus of this release is to improve the level of app-compat overall and specifically for converted App-V packages, and simplify fixing up of the application.

Features/Fixes: TMEditX

  • Includes PSF v2023.07.03. See PSF v2023.06.03 – Confessions of a Guru ( for details on what has changed.
  • Feature: Changed the default behavior on PsfAnalysis so that the RegLegacyFixup is added by default if the PSF is added.
  • Feature: Added a configuration option to not add the RegLegacyFixup by default, which was what the tool used to do.
  • Feature: Added new analysis and fixes associated with MSIX packages that were created by conversion from App-V.
  • Feature: Added new detection/fixup for converted App-V packages that had empty folders.
  • Feature: Detect packages with bad Desktop7:Shortcut elements and provide fix. Fix might update a bad package lnk file when possible, or just remove the element from the AppXManifest file.
  • Fix: Removed specification of the subsystem parameter from execution alias. This was added in the previous release due to recommendation by Microsoft, but it turns out to break some packages. Subsequent information from Microsoft reveals that this parameter is unlikely to ever help a repackaged full trust app.
  • Fix: Updated fix for protocol handlers to avoid the creation of duplicate COM handlers in the AppXManifest. This fix may also apply to other forms of COM related fixups.
  • Fix: When applying a COM based fixup and we find that we are unable to add the COM to the AppXManifest due to either insufficient/bad documentation or just a lack of a supported scenario, rather than drop the idea altogether a comment is now added to the AppXManifest showing what was skipped.
  • Fix that caused TMEditX to crash in analyzer when the AppPaths string in the registry was Unicode.
  • Fix: Exclude instances of Folder/Drive/Directory associations of DragAndDrop handlers when fixing up missing Shell Extensions of these types. While MakeMSIX doesn’t mind, the package installer will fail unless removed.
  • Fix: Moved fixup for Event Trace for Windows (ETW) provider from the Recommended list to the Available list. These additions to the AppXManiest are not functional at this time (it doesn’t break the package, but doesn’t function either). We have an outstanding request to Microsoft for improved documentation or fixes they need to make.
  • Fix: Don’t allow spaces in the folder names for Visual Groups (i.e. shortcut folders). While allowed by the schema definition, we have found that you don’t get the shortcut. Outstanding issue to Microsoft whether this is a documentation issue or bug in their installer implementation.
  • Fix: Update the display after implementing the Elevation fixup so you can see that the capability was added.
  • Fix: Updates to the fixup for Registration-Free COM to ensure that we don’t break the AppXManifest file.
  • Fix: Ensure that we don’t confuse just any file named config.json with the PSF configuration file. Applications that contain such a file would confuse the tooling.
  • Fix: Adjust translation of AppVPackageRoot to point to the root folder of the package. Previously this was translated to VFS\AppVPackageRoot (for App-V 4.x packages).
  • Fix: When detecting missing FTAs & Shell Extensions, add the situation where the FTA points to a ProgID that points to a second ProgID (typically current version) that then contains the shell/shellex key. Bottom line: there were more missing FTAs that we now fixup.
  • Fix: Fix the PSF injection when cases like the above are fixed.

Features/Fixes: MsixDeploy

  • FIX: Fixed the name on the Title bar of the app. Apparently, it didn’t get changed when this program was renamed!

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