TMEditX is the licensed and more capable tool for fixing up MSIX packages since it doesn’t have to depend on the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to create the final package. Download page

SPECIAL NOTE ON THIS RELEASE: Once again, this year the Certificate Authority industry has changed standards that require our updated Code-Signing Certificate to break the upgrade cycle.  While Microsoft has crafted a solution, it only works on Windows 11 (and is awful anyway).  So, to take this release as an upgrade you will probably have to uninstall/install.  In version 2.3 we anticipated this and added a feature that allows you to export your configuration before you uninstall, then import it back in when you install the new version.  You will find this feature on the File/Options tab. You will need to re-register the new version using the registration key provided originally.

  • Fixes: Includes all fixes from PSF v2022.08.05 releases to increase application compatibility. This includes:
    • Incorporate platform changes per Microsoft across the board to help deal with CLR issues.
    • FileRedirectionFixup: Add PathRedirectonV2 fix for DeVFS calculation. This allows the app to request file operations with paths under VFS folders of the package to also deal with the native folders (especially for the new exclusions).
    • FileRedirectionFixup: Allow Copy and Rename fixups to handle empty redirected destinations and sources only in redirected area.
    • FileRedirectionFixup: Added support for AppVPackageDrive files.
    • Renumber debug instance starting numbers for improved clarity when debugging. FRF=0, PsfRuntime=10K, DynLib=30k, Env=40k, RegLeg=50k.
  • Fixes: Includes all fixes from PSD v2022.-7.10 release.  This includes:
    • Fix DynamicLibraryFixup to allow for mixed cases in call by app.
    • Fix for CreateFile when request is to the redirected area directly and file either exists already there or the request was to CREATE_ALWAYS.
    • Fix DeleteDirectory to allow deletion of redirected directory (even though the package folder will still be present).
    • WIP: Add intercepts for many ucrtbased (POSIX) file system calls. The code is currenly defined out, and would only intercept, and log (debug build only), and call the original function if enabled. This was an attempt to determine if some of these functions skip the kernel32 library and jump under our intercepts there. Ultimately conditionally compiled these out as they A) Didn’t intercept for some reason. B) Were determined to not be needed.
    • Added intercept for ReadDirectoryChangesW and ReadDirectoryChangesExW that only log the calls. Until we find an app that requires modification, this is the next best thing.
  • Feature: Add detection of an internal AppInstaller file and offer removal.
  • Feature: Added support for Win32Dependencies/ExternalDependency in the AppXManifest schema.
  • Feature: Detect situations where modifiableApp/mutablePackageDirectories might be used instead of the FRF and offer this as an alternative fix.
  • Change: If a package is open and you click on the File tab, it should default to the Save subtab as you probably wanted that.
  • Change: Increased list of VFS package folders used during analysis for files requiring FRF for visibility.
  • Change: Detect AppVPackageDrive folders and automatically add to the FileRedirectionFixup configuration as PackageDriveRelative if present.
  • Change: Ordered the displayed list of reasons you need the PSF for better clarity.
  • Fix: Add VFSFonts to the Json FRF Config list of excluded folders if there are no non-font files in that folder of the package.


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