Preparation with Dell Command Configure Tool

  • Install the Dell Command Configure Tool to prepare UEFI settings.
  • Configure the required settings and export them to a .cctk file for use in Intune.

Deployment of Dell Command | Endpoint Configure for Microsoft Intune Tool

Creating a Configuration Profile in Intune

  • Create a new profile using the “BIOS configurations and other settings” template.
  • Assign a name to the profile and select Dell as the manufacturer.
  • Upload the .cctk config export file.
  • Apply Scope Tags if necessary and assign the profile to a group of devices.
  • Review and create the policy.


  • The Dell Command Endpoint Configure Agent logs its activity in C:\ProgramData\Dell\EndpointConfigure.
  • If a BIOS password is set, the process may fail with an Error 65.
  • Removing the password manually or via a custom Dell Command Configure package resolves the issue.

Security Enhancements:

  • The integration allows for per-device BIOS password protection.
  • Individual passwords can be viewed using the Graph API, enhancing device security.

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