TMEditX is the licensed and more capable tool for fixing up MSIX packages since it doesn’t have to depend on the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to create the final package.  [Download_page]

Version 3.4 of TMEditX is now released. It includes a number of new features, improvements, and bug-fixes for the mid-summer season.  The tool consists of three major applications, plus the PSF.  The PSF used in this release is v2023.08.13 (See Psf v2023.08.13 – Confessions of a Guru (

Features/Fixes: TMEditX

TMEditX is the MSIX package editing tool.

  • Added support for signing packages using Digicert KeyLocker based certificates. This is described in a follow-up blog post that shows how to use them in TMEditX: Signing Packages using TMEditX and DigiCert KeyLocker – Confessions of a Guru (
  • Added support to recognize and fix packages that were originally Microsoft App-V and converted to MSIX by using the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool.
  • Added support for packages created by Advanced Installer.
  • Added new fixup to detect/fix shortcuts that were in the startup folder but are missing the startupTask extension in the AppXManifest.
  • Added a couple of undocumented rescap capabilities that were seen by analyzing Microsoft packages.
  • Allow the user the choice of either CopyDll fixup (to root folder or SystemX## folders), even if everything is the same bitness. This was needed to solve the app Audacity.
  • Fix up missing fonts the best that we can at this point.
  • Improve detection logic for bad Desktop7:Shortcuts.
  • When the fixup to remove an unnecessary and bad Desktop7:Shortcut is applied, check to see if there are any remaining application extensions and remove the Extensions key if empty.
  • Added support for new Com5 Schema from Microsoft Documentation.
  • Added new analysis for missing COM registrations that are skipped by the MMPT. Some of these are now added to the manifest using newer COM schemas. These may be ignored on older OSs, and additional work is probably needed to get some of these COM components functional, but this is better than you have today.
  • Fix syntax on fixup of ETW Provider Message and Resource files. Syntax should be [{ProgramFilesX64}] rather than VFS\ProgramFilesX64.
  • Add detection for apps with internal manifests requesting uiAccess and fix it per documentation. (it still might not work; there is either a bug in the Microsoft implementation or the documentation).
  • Add new undocumented restricted capabilities uiAccess and uiAutomation.
  • Add option to have PsfLauncher use native paths in the Json.
  • Fix PreviewHandlers to use newly documented required custom capability.
  • Fix Shell Support SupportedVerbs to use uap2.SupportedVerbs with uap3.Verb entries.
  • Add detection of .pkgdef files in the package. No fix is offered at this time, we are just trying to find apps with this to determine if there is a need for a fix.
  • Reorganized the Options page.
  • Added a new internal help for the PsfEditor. Updated several other internal help pages too.

Features/Fixes: MsixDeploy

MsixDeploy is the package testing tool.

  • Added support for reading the SystemRepository database associated with installed packages and shared package containers. This is informational and may help us to determine new fixups. See article when published.
  • Added right-click menu items on installed packages to look at how reparse points are set.


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