TMEditX is the licensed and more capable tool for fixing up MSIX packages since it doesn’t have to depend on the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to create the final package.  [Download_page]

Version 3.1 of TMEditX is now available from the [Download_page]. This release brings you all of the work done over the last 2.5 months. The TMEditX product consists of three programs. Only TMEditX had noteworthy changes, and release appear below.


The primary new items in the release for TMEditX include:

  • Includes changes from the v2023.2.5 release of our fork of the Package Support Framework. See articles for details on those PSF changes.
  • Although there are fixes in the PSF release to solve a number of difficult package challenges, the update to the new MfrFixup for a more complete compatibility solution when used in conjunction with InstalledLocationVirtualization (ILV) is very important.  Although the FileRedirectionFixup remains the default over the MfrFixup in the GUI, I recommend using the Mfr in IlvAware mode as the default to try first whenever a file based fixup is recommended.
  • All Psf components are now digitally signed using our code signing certificate (they come unsigned from the Psf).  This resolved an issue from an app that complained if it were started by an unsigned process.
  • Fix crash in TMEditX when fixing up certain UAP based shell extensions.
  • Detect and fix file based argument on service with [{variable}] style syntax.
  • Don’t detect the config.json file based on filename alone, check contents to avoid processing an application vendor file that uses the same name.
  • Handle more complicated situations of popular shell extensions not supported by the MMPT, but make sure you end up with a valid manifest file.
  • Added Squirrel detection and automatic avoidance of app updates it wants to trigger (see Killing the Squirrel – Confessions of a Guru ( ).
  • Cleanup around Shell Extension Context Menu support.
  • Upgrade to MakeMsix v1.7 and Signtool build 22621.
  • Add detection of international characters in file paths and switch to MakeAppX to build those packages.
  • Rework the way that dummy apps were used to add in missing functionality of certain shell extensions, AppExecutionAliases, and Protocol Handlers.
  • Add detection of fonts missed by the MMPT in light of the 1.2023.110 release.
  • Add detection of Electron detection and a fix to disable the sandbox.  This won’t solve all Electron-based app issues, but is a step that will solve some.
  • Add missing file detection.  The MMPT can create packages with manifest references to missing files.  This leads to packages that will not install.
  • Add detection of structured storage being used and recommend the ILV.

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