SparkleFlow gives organizations a complete overview of all their applications. It then shares this information with other systems that play a role in the management of the applications (ITSM, AD, and SCCM, to name a few). Moreover, this sharing is fully automated.

SparkleFlow Main InterfaceSparkleFlow is an application catalog that functions as a production workflow system. This approach works best for complex organizations with vast amounts of applications. Everything is done to optimize the process. Service Desk systems in this comparison (managing packages) are more like a planning board (Ad-hoc workflow). Imagine that you want to optimize a car factory. Then you understand that a planning board is helpful but that you ultimately achieve the best results with an automated assembly line. That said, one doesn’t exclude the other. We link SparkleFlow to a Service Desk system with most of our customers.

We notice that it is mainly used in complex IT environments. It is often challenging to manage large amounts of applications, especially if there are multiple (internal) customers. SparkleFlow helps organizations by informing them about the progress, licenses, dependencies, contacts, etc., made visible via customized dashboards.

SparkleFlow DashboardIn addition to improving the efficiency of your IT management, it is also a solution that helps you to save costs. Managing applications will take little time, and answers to complex questions are found within seconds. In addition, it reduces management costs by requiring fewer licenses and updates. You can imagine the savings involved, not to mention the improved efficiency!

SparkleFlow can be customized to any method and procedure. As a result, a successful implementation is always guaranteed.

If we look at the application packaging process and making applications available to users, time loss and unnecessary costs are spread over the entire process. Costs arise because much work has to be done to create reports. After all, there are many repetitive, time-consuming operations. A Service Desk system will only be able to solve a part for the simple reason that this system is not explicitly created for this type of process. SparkleFlow has been providing solutions for these types of methods for 15 years, and it has been perfected for this task. This allows you to achieve the maximum return on investment.

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