RayPack Studio 7.2 is out! What’s New?

PSADT integration

A highly configurable, graphical user interface instead of complex scripts allows software packages to be deployed in minutes.

Selecting individual phases for installing, uninstalling, and repairing packages is now much more intuitive and provides better feedback on their contents. In addition, the new display shows the number of actions included in each phase.

Other improvements and features make the PSADT editor easier for the user.

RayPack Studio 7.2 Screen
RayPack Studio 7.2 Screen

Intelligent search & contextual support

With the new, intelligent search, you can reach your goals even faster. All it takes is three letters to display suggested solutions from the PSADT functions instantly. In addition, the standard and custom PSADT functions now show context-sensitive help for proper use.

Enhanced manifest editor for MSIX projects

Use the intuitive interface with simplified wizards to achieve faster results, quality, and safety. In addition, the new MSIX advanced design editors provide users with two ways to edit projects as they prefer.

With the advanced editor, experienced software packagers can edit and create XML files for the manifest files. In addition, other features that are not directly available in the user interface, or features that are not publicly viewable in the MSIX SDK, can be viewed via the RayPack UI.

With its extensive portfolio of features for setup design tasks, the visual designer provides a faster and more accessible entry point for creating software packages.

RayPack Studio 7.2 Screen
RayPack Studio 7.2 Screen

Support for VHDX file format for MSIX App Attach

After successfully repackaging and converting, users can open VHDX files (App Attach) directly as a new project to edit and create a package.