The Package Support Framework (PSF) was originally an open-source project to help Win32/DotNet applications run when inside an MSIX Container.  TMurgent has taken up the support for the PSF in our own fork here on GitHub.

The change list shown below covers changes made in v.2022.08.05 since the July 2022 release:

  • Incorporate platform changes per Microsoft across the board to help deal with CLR issues.
  • FileRedirectionFixup: Add PathRedirectonV2 fix for DeVFS calculation. This allows the app to request file operations with paths under VFS folders of the package to also deal with the native folders (especially for the new exclusions).
  • FileRedirectionFixup: Allow Copy and Rename fixups to handle empty redirected destinations and sources only in redirected area.
  • FileRedirectionFixup: Added support for AppVPackageDrive files.
  • Renumber debug instance starting numbers for improved clarity when debugging. FRF=0, PsfRuntime=10K, DynLib=30k, Env=40k, RegLeg=50k.

The release can be found on GitHub and will be included in the following releases of my tools:

  • PsfTooling   5.4 or later.
  • TMEditX      2.4 or later.

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