Master Packager Toolbox: Simplifying Application Evaluation and Packaging

The Master Packager Toolbox is an integral part of the Master Packager Pro edition, designed to assist packaging professionals with their day-to-day tasks. Let’s delve into the key features and benefits of this toolbox:

  1. Installed Apps Overview:
    • As packagers, we often need to identify all applications installed on a system, including those hidden as system components. The toolbox provides a comprehensive list of registered applications, even those not visible in Windows Add or Remove Programs.
    • For instance, when installing an application like Notepad++, the toolbox reveals additional details, such as the installation of an MSIX Sparse package alongside the main application.
  2. Installation Sequence Insights:
    • When dealing with complex installers that deploy multiple applications, understanding the installation sequence is crucial. The toolbox sorts applications based on precise installation timestamps (down to seconds), allowing packagers to determine the uninstall sequence effectively.
  3. Application Details and Specifications:
    • Right-clicking on an application entry provides essential information, including product codes and other specifications.
    • For deeper insights, users can explore detailed information about each application.
  4. Identifying MSI Inside EXE Installers:
    • Many application installers are EXE files that ultimately install an MSI package. To locate the MSI, the toolbox helps packagers navigate the installation source.
    • For example, when installing PowerToys via an EXE, the toolbox reveals the associated MSIX sparse packages, the EXE itself, and the MSI. This knowledge informs packaging decisions, such as creating MSTs or opting for repackaging.
  5. Exporting Application Logos:
    • Need the application logo in high-quality PNG format for Intune? Simply click on the app logo within the toolbox to export it.
  6. PSADT Uninstall Command Lines Made Easier:
    • Uninstalling multiple applications manually can be time-consuming. The toolbox streamlines this process by allowing users to select apps and generate PSADT (PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit) uninstall scripts effortlessly.

In summary, the Master Packager Toolbox empowers packagers by providing critical insights, simplifying evaluation, and enhancing the packaging workflow. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this toolbox is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

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