Advanced Installer 21.1, released by Caphyon Ltd. on October 4th, 2023, brings significant enhancements to the software installation process. The standout feature is the integration of Windows Sandbox for testing installation packages, ensuring secure and isolated testing without affecting the host system or other applications. This addition speeds up testing, aiding in the identification and resolution of installation issues.

Notable new features and enhancements in this release include:

New Features:

  1. Testing Installation Packages in Windows Sandbox: Allows you to evaluate installation packages within a secure environment.


  1. A new command to set the “Condition” field of a Component.
  2. PowerShell automation support for “Call function from DLL” custom actions.
  3. Command-line support for basic SQL operations.
  4. Optimized loading time for the “SqlDatabases” view.
  5. Option to skip SQL script installation if the SQL connection fails.
  6. Command-line support to set Azure KeyVault signing parameters.
  7. Validation of the “UpgradeCode” property format when using the “SetProperty” command.
  8. Support for copy and paste in the MSIX Manifest Editor.
  9. UI improvement for opening the current location when selecting a new package in the Updates configuration project.
  10. New parameter for commands to activate digital signing.
  11. Improved import of .pri files created by Visual Studio for WinUI apps.
  12. Display of project output detection errors in the output window.
  13. Registration improvement by prioritizing the last registration method used.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed a DLL vulnerability issue related to unauthorized access.
  2. Corrected translation issues when using EUI on version 21.0.1.
  3. Resolved incorrect messages for reboots initiated by prerequisites.
  4. Fixed crashes when opening the Themes page after conversion.
  5. Addressed UI bugs in the framework prerequisites category.
  6. Fixed missing UAC icon when using “InstallTypeDlg.”
  7. Corrected issues with removing Registry keys related to the Context Menu in Windows 11.
  8. Resolved problems with the “Enable Log” option for chained prerequisites.
  9. Fixed various issues related to prerequisites, including command-line fields and names.
  10. Addressed issues with the synchronized folder and paste operation in SQL Databases view.
  11. Fixed issues with the order of scripts and pre-install prerequisites.
  12. Corrected the display of the “PrerequisitesDlg” dialog after reboot.
  13. Resolved SQL Server Express prerequisites issues from v20.9.1.
  14. Fixed issues related to SQL Script placement and MSIX Package Version synchronization.
  15. Eliminated hanging issues after the “Run in VM” operation.
  16. Provided correct values for Summary Information fields.
  17. Addressed file header modifications during the signing process.

This release of Advanced Installer offers a range of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to streamline the software installation and testing process.

Bogdan Mitrache