IT professionals are now considering switching from App-V to MSIX technology more than ever since mainstream support for App-V ended a few years back, and extended support is due to end in a few years (April 14, 2026). However, with change, this shift comes with many challenges when converting App-V packages to MSIX.

The good news is that most tools now offer either manual or automatic conversion options for App-V packages.

While manually converting from App-V 5 to MSIX may seem pretty simple, it is almost impossible to manually convert hundreds or even thousands of packages.

This article will show you how to automate your App-V 5 to MSIX conversion. But first, let’s see how you can avoid all the hassle.

How to use MSIX Packaging Tool to convert an App-V 5 to MSIX automatically

With the Command Line Input (CLI) support in the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool, you can automate the conversion from App-V 5 to MSIX.

Before we begin converting your App-V 5 packages with the MSIX Packaging tool, we need to ensure that all prerequisites are met.

What are the prerequisites to automating your App-V 5 to MSIX Conversion?

To automate the conversion of your App-V 5 package to MSIX, you need the following:

  • The MSIX Packaging Tool installed on your machine;
  • SignTool.exe;
  • The digital signing certificate that you will use to sign the converted MSIX packages.

Once you’ve met the above requirements, you may begin automating your App-V 5 to MSIX conversion. To read the full article on the website of Advanced Installer, please click on the banner below.

Bogdan Mitrache