App-V Error Codes are displayed to the user, logged to the Client Log file, and/or written to the Windows Event log.

In most cases, App-V errors are encoded as 3-block results.

The first of these three blocks represents the App-V version number (hex).

The second block represents detailed source code locations. Also, the last two characters encode an Error Type.

The last block displays the actual Problem Code.

Because the first characters will vary from version to version, they should not be included in the search query. You should copy the last two characters of the second-last block and the full last block into your search engine, combined with the keywords “App-V error”.

Sometimes, the log file does only show a result code, this result code is similar to the corresponding Error Code but does not contain the first (version information) block. Therefore, also “rc”s should be searched the same way.

So, searching for “App-V 6c-00000003” might lead to one or the other useful result.