Microsoft introduced some new capabilities to Microsoft Intune this month. These features enhance secure productivity and streamline management.

1. Platform Single Sign-On (SSO) for macOS Device Enrollment

  • Users with macOS devices can now get to work faster using a single sign-in and password for their device and apps.
  • Additionally, this feature enables automatic sign-in to Microsoft 365 productivity apps. No more juggling multiple credentials!
  • For more details, check out the article.

2. Windows Autopilot Device Preparation

  • We’ve built a new Windows Autopilot option from the ground up, featuring an improved architecture.
  • This option offers faster and more configurable self-deployment capabilities.
  • Don’t worry—the existing Windows Autopilot architecture remains in place, and its capabilities are still available to admins.
  • Read more about the new and improved Windows Autopilot.

3. Enhanced Frontline Worker (FLW) Device Management

  • We’ve introduced new capabilities to make FLW devices easier to use and manage.
  • Notably, updates to the Managed Home Screen improve the overall experience for frontline workers.
  • Get the full story in this blog post.

More Security and Efficiency

New Security Baseline

  • We’ve updated the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint security baseline.
  • Security baselines are collections of policies that can be applied to devices in Intune.
  • This update streamlines the application of configurations recommended by the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint team.
  • Benefits include quicker updates, improved reporting, better UI, and consistent names across Intune.
  • Admins can update baselines to the latest version by selecting the test baseline checkbox when they’re released.

BitLocker Recovery Key Workflow Enhancement

  • Traditionally, users would call the Help Desk when locked out of their BitLocker-encrypted device.
  • Now, end users can access their BitLocker recovery key directly from the Company Portal website.
  • This provides a more intuitive and streamlined path to recovery, reducing the burden on support teams.
  • Admins can disable this feature for users without admin rights and access to logs.

Remember to explore these features and put them to work for your organization!