Tyler Castaldo, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Intune, discusses the recent improvements made to the device compliance reports in Intune. The updates focus on modernizing the reporting infrastructure, providing a consistent and simplified report experience, and enhancing the compliance policy monitoring experience. These improvements aim to enhance organizations’ device compliance story and support Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Conditional Access policies.

The key improvements include:

1. Modernizing the Compliance Reporting Infrastructure:

  • Consolidating back-end data sources to ensure consistency between reports.
  • Redesigning data-heavy, comprehensive reports as organizational reports, which can be run in the background while performing other tasks in the admin center.
  • Standardizing compliance reports to show only one compliance state per device or per policy per device, eliminating double counting in aggregate reports.
  • Adding Linux support to all compliance reports (except the Windows health attestation report).

2. Simplifying the Reporting Experience:

  • Improving data and performance of reports.
  • Supporting efficient paging, exporting data in CSV format, searching for partial values in all columns, filtering columns with constant set values, and sorting all columns.
  • Introducing scope tag support, which may affect access to compliance details based on role-based access control (RBAC) roles and scope tags.

3. Updating the Compliance Policy Monitoring Experience:

  • Redesigning the overview and properties experience for compliance policies to align with the reporting experience for device configuration profiles.
  • Introducing two tabs: Overview and Properties, providing device compliance summaries, detailed reports, and the ability to edit policies.

The article also mentions additional improvements and updates that have been made to various reports and monitors. The Policy compliance and Setting compliance reports will be released under Reports > Device compliance > Reports and the existing versions under Devices > Monitor will be removed.

Overall, these updates aim to enhance the management experience for Intune users and provide more comprehensive and streamlined device compliance reporting. Readers are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates and can reach out to the Intune Support Team on Twitter for questions or feedback.

Source: Updated experience for Intune device compliance reports – Microsoft Community Hub

Author: Tyler Castaldo – Sr. Product Manager | Microsoft Intune