The upcoming features for Intune Driver Management, as highlighted in a recent Microsoft takeoff session by David Guyer, focus on enhancing user experience and transparency in driver updates. The Top 5 key features include:

  1. Device-Specific Update Information: Microsoft is introducing a feature to display a list of devices for each driver update. This allows users to see which devices are targeted by an update, thereby reducing confusion and aiding in planning​.
  2. Applicable Devices List: A new functionality will enable users to view a searchable list of all devices relevant to an update, including details like device manufacturer and model. This list can be exported for further analysis, aiming to provide clarity on which devices are affected by specific driver updates​.
  3. Driver Model Data: The driver model data, provided by the driver creator, lists the hardware intended for the driver. This feature will be especially useful for understanding and approving specific drivers, as it offers additional information about the driver’s purpose and targeted devices​.
  4. Bulk Approvals and Actions: A forthcoming bulk actions feature will enable users to approve, pause, or decline multiple drivers at once. This is particularly beneficial for users who wish to have more control over updates or align update schedules with specific policies, such as Patch Tuesday​.

These features are part of Microsoft’s efforts to improve driver management in Intune, addressing customer feedback and enhancing the overall management of driver updates.

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