Let’s share our knowledge and help the packaging Empire

The whole idea of AppDeployNews is to share packaging and deployment information about applications. We have partnered with several colleagues, partners, and customers to build the world’s largest database. But with so many technical application engineers worldwide, there is a vast amount of information to be held. Soon we will make this sharing a seamless experience, but we will now provide a way to share information using online forms. To make it worth your while, we will be giving away gadgets depending on the number of App-Tip contributions:

  • 10 App-Tips = AppDeployNews wireless charger
  • 25 App-Tips = Logitech G502 X or Elgato Facecam
  • 50 App-Tips = Nintendo Switch
  • 100 App-Tips = Meta Quest 2 or Apple iPad
  • 200 App-Tips = Apple watch Ultra or Apple iPad Pro

How it works

When you join, you will receive an account with which you can enter App Tips using a form. Some fields are mandatory, and some are optional. Every submission will be checked using our guidelines and rules (see below) to make sure it is relevant information. You’ll get a credit when a submission has a green light and is published. You can follow your progress on your Dashboard. When you reach a milestone, you can choose to get your reward (and pay with credits) or continue saving credits for the next reward.


  • Forms must be filled in correctly
  • The application and version must be unique and not already available
  • The application language is not relevant, so for every version, only one entry is allowed
  • The application information must be relevant and can’t be too old
  • All writing must be in correct English
  • Syntaxes must be complete and correct
  • If you violate one or more guidelines several times, your account can be blocked

11 + 3 =