Why We Love Packaging with PSAppDeployToolkit

Almost all enterprise companies we’ve interacted with are using PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT) and love it. As experienced application packagers, we’ve worked with hundreds of customers across the globe, packaging complex apps. As a final step, we wrap the package into PSAppDeployToolkit. Even if the package was a single MSI, we wrapped it in PSAppDeployToolkit. Why? Let’s dive in.

What Is PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT)?

PSAppDeployToolkit, now owned by Patch My PC, is an open-source solution that streamlines and standardizes the software deployment process. With its comprehensive set of features, adjusting application installer packages to meet organizational deployment solution needs and enterprise standards becomes effortless.

Top Problems PSADT Solves

  1. Standardization: Before PSADT, most application packagers had to rely on CMD and VBScript to bundle multiple installers together for deployment. Each person and organization tried to solve packaging issues individually, leading to a lack of standardized methods for interacting with end-users during deployment and uninstalling previous application versions. PSAppDeployToolkit addresses this by providing predefined functions, making packaging and deployment processes standardized.
  2. Customization: Each organization is different. PSAppDeployToolkit, built mostly from PowerShell, allows organizations to customize it according to their specific needs. It’s a perfect solution for an enterprise environment that wants to add specific customizations for each application package. Some favorite use cases include detecting and uninstalling all previous versions, creating specific name log files, organization branding for end-users, and setting properties based on specific environment conditions.
  3. Bridge Between Applications and Deployment Systems: Many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) build installation packages for the Windows Operating System primarily with home users in mind, often overlooking large enterprises and universities. PSADT bridges this gap by providing a powerful toolset for deploying software across all endpoints with the required configurations.

In summary, PSAppDeployToolkit simplifies the packaging and deployment process, making it a must-have for any IT App Admin.


Feel free to explore more about PSAppDeployToolkit on their official website.

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