The App Attach Report Card is an updated look at how App Attach works. In the “Report Card” format we use for all of MSIX, this white paper describes the state of App Attach in the market, and dives deep into the performance aspects.

App Attach is used to quickly deliver MSIX applications in an on-demand basis, where performance is critical. In typical use end-users have to wait for multiple packages to be delivered and enabled as part of their log-on process every day, so the performance aspects of App Attach are their most critical.

The performance testing results shown should help guide any organization in planning how best to use the App Attach functionality, whether delivered as part of an Azure Virtual Desktop service or via a third-party vendor.

This paper is the result of research into this feature. In addition to the performance details, the paper also relates this information regarding application compatibility and how App Attach might affect that.

Download PDF: Report Card on App Attach (Jan 2024)


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