Microsoft recently announced the upcoming launch of Microsoft Intune Enterprise App Management, an addition to the Microsoft Intune Suite, scheduled for release in February 2024. This solution addresses the significant challenge many organizations face in keeping their applications updated and secure. With 78 percent of devices remaining unpatched nine months after the release of a critical vulnerability fix, the need for a more efficient app management system is evident.

The Enterprise App Management feature simplifies the lifecycle management of both first-party and third-party applications. It offers a secure, prepackaged catalog of apps, reducing the time and effort IT administrators spend on packaging apps and tracking updates. This enables IT teams to deploy fixes to vulnerable apps efficiently and ensure all apps are up to date.

The streamlined app management process includes easy access to a comprehensive catalog of Microsoft and third-party applications, complete with language packs and architectures. This catalog allows customers to tailor their selection based on specific preferences and needs, with editable metadata prefilled for each application.

Additionally, Enterprise App Management consolidates the application update process, providing a comprehensive view of all apps needing an update from a single screen. This feature significantly reduces the work required to monitor updates and gather application-related data, allowing administrators to focus on more strategic tasks.

This new solution will be available as an individual add-on to Microsoft subscriptions that include Intune, priced at USD 2 per user per month, starting February 1, 2024, for enterprise customers and March 1, 2024, for government customers. The Intune Suite’s list price will remain at USD 10 per user per month. Customers are encouraged to stay updated through the Microsoft Intune Blog and Microsoft’s social media channels​​​​​​​​.

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Paul Cobben