MSI Embedded UI Framework: Advanced Installer 21.0 introduces the MSI Embedded UI, eliminating the confines of traditional Windows Installer package designs. This feature equips engineers with the following:

  • Modern UI controls and dialogues.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality combined with an intuitive GUI for seamless migration from conventional installation setups.
  • Enhanced design capabilities allow branded setups using custom images, fonts, and styles.

Custom Frame Editor: This enhancement simplifies the UI customization process for MSI packages. It enables engineers to synchronize the installer background with a project-specific frame.

New Advanced Installer Setup Theme: This theme, powered by the MSI Embedded UI Framework, aims to improve the UI of MSI installers.

Optimized Team Subscription Management: The Advanced Installer portal now offers a streamlined dashboard for license management. Engineers can monitor available seats, manage user allocation, and reassign licenses with enhanced efficiency.

Release Notes: Apart from the aforementioned major features, this release also encompasses a spectrum of technical enhancements and bug resolutions. For a comprehensive understanding, read the Release Notes for Advanced Installer 21.0.

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