In this article, we will discuss how to prevent users from Start Screen customization using Intune Policy. The Start menu and taskbar in Windows 11 can be customized by pinning apps, programs, folders, drives, files, and websites for easy access. Users can also organize and group apps on the Start screen as per their preferences.

However, sometimes it may be necessary to restrict users from changing the Start screen layout. For instance, administrators may want to ensure a standardized layout across all devices to improve productivity and reduce confusion in a corporate setting.

To prevent users from customizing their Start screen, Intune Policy can be used. You can either use Intune cloud policy or Group Policy ADMX template policy setting. It is recommended to use the Intune Settings Catalog, which is the best place for all policy settings in Intune.

To create the policy, sign in to the Microsoft Intune Admin portal and select Devices > Windows > Configuration profiles > Create profile. Then, on the Basics tab, enter a descriptive name for the policy, such as “Prevent Users from Customizing Start Screen,” and select the Platform as Windows 10 or later.

In the Configuration settings, click on Add settings and select Administrative\Start Menu and Taskbar. Then select “Prevent users from customizing their Start Screen (User)” to lock Start screen modifications. Next, under Assignments, choose the groups to which the policy should apply, and then click Create to save the policy.

Once the policy is applied, users will not be able to select an app, resize a tile, pin/unpin a tile or a secondary tile, enter the customize mode, or rearrange tiles within Start and Apps. To monitor the policy assignment and deployment status, you can check the Intune settings catalog profile report from the Intune Portal.

In conclusion, preventing users from customizing the Start screen layout can be achieved easily using Intune Policy. It is a valuable feature for administrators who want to ensure standardization across all devices.