The transition to Windows 11 is a significant milestone for organizations looking to leverage the latest features and security enhancements of Microsoft’s new operating system. System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) provides a Windows 11 Readiness Dashboard that is instrumental in managing this transition smoothly. This article outlines the steps and strategies to utilize the dashboard effectively.

Introduction to the Windows 11 Readiness Dashboard

The Windows 11 Readiness Dashboard in SCCM is a powerful tool that helps administrators identify which devices in their environment are ready for an upgrade to Windows 11. It provides a comprehensive view of the devices’ compatibility status with Windows 11, enabling IT professionals to plan and execute the upgrade process efficiently.

Key Features of the Dashboard

  • Device Compatibility Overview: Displays a count of devices running various Windows versions and their readiness for Windows 11.
  • Feature Update Version Tracking: Shows the distribution of different feature update versions across the organization.
  • Upgrade Experience Indicators: Categorizes devices based on their upgrade eligibility and highlights any potential issues that may arise during the upgrade process.
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements: Details the hardware and software prerequisites needed for Windows 11, ensuring that devices meet the necessary standards.

Managing the Upgrade Process

  1. Assessing Device Readiness: Utilize the dashboard to create collections of devices that are ready for the Windows 11 upgrade.
  2. Addressing Compatibility Issues: The dashboard indicates devices that may require application or driver updates before the upgrade can be initiated.
  3. Deploying the Upgrade: Once the readiness is confirmed, deploy the Windows 11 upgrade to the selected collections of devices through SCCM.

Prerequisites for Using the Dashboard

Before accessing the Windows 11 Readiness Dashboard, certain prerequisites must be met:

  • SCCM version 2203 or later with the WebView2 console extension installed.
  • Windows 10 telemetry services enabled at the basic level.
  • Hardware inventory enabled on all client devices.

Upgrade Experience Marker (UpgEx)

The Upgrade Experience Marker (UpgEx) is a crucial component of the dashboard that provides a quick summary of known compatibility issues. Devices are marked with colors indicating their status:

  • Red: Devices that cannot be upgraded to Windows 11.
  • Orange: Devices that may encounter functionality regressions post-upgrade.
  • Yellow: Devices that require an app uninstallation before upgrading.
  • Green: Devices that are ready for the upgrade without any known issues.


The Windows 11 Readiness Dashboard in SCCM is an essential tool for IT administrators tasked with managing the upgrade to Windows 11. By providing a clear and actionable overview of device readiness, the dashboard simplifies the upgrade process and ensures a seamless transition to the new operating system. With careful planning and the right tools, organizations can confidently embrace Windows 11 and the benefits it brings.

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Prajwal Desai