MSIX is a modern packaging format for Windows applications. It is designed to replace older packaging formats such as MSI and APPX, providing several benefits over these older formats.

Some of the key features of MSIX include:

  • Compatibility: MSIX is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019, providing support for both traditional Win32 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.
  • Security: MSIX uses a digital signature to ensure the package’s authenticity and contents. It uses AppLocker and Windows Defender Application Control to enforce policies that limit what the application can do.
  • Isolation: MSIX packages run in a sandboxed environment, which helps to isolate them from the host system and other applications. This makes it harder for malware to spread and for bugs to cause system-wide problems.
  • Deployment: MSIX packages can be deployed through various mechanisms, including the Microsoft Store, side-loading, and Group Policy. They can also be managed and updated through the Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which provides a centralized way to manage applications across an organization.
  • Conversion: MSIX provides tools to convert existing MSI and APPX packages to the MSIX format, which makes it easier to transition to the new format.

In summary, MSIX is a modern and secure way to package and distribute Windows applications. Its compatibility, security features, and deployment options make it a good choice for organizations looking to upgrade their application packaging and deployment processes.

News (February 2023)

The latest build (v1.2023.118.0) of the MSIX Packaging Tool is now available. The team has continued to invest in supporting the conversion of more legacy applications to the MSIX format while reducing the effort required during the conversion process. Here is a rundown of the significant improvements in the latest release, which you can download from the Microsoft Store. The significant improvements are:

  • Support for portable apps
  • Child process monitoring
  • Exclude services
  • PSF – Argument redirection
  • Other productivity enhancements:
    • MSIX Package Editor enhancements
    • Quick inclusion of trace fixup