In an article penned by Jitesh Kumar, a feature enhancement in Microsoft Intune is detailed, focusing on facilitating the management of certificate expiration dates. With the release of Microsoft Intune 2309 in September, a new functionality has been introduced allowing administrators to directly observe the Management certificate expiration date within the Intune Admin Center. This development is particularly noteworthy given the pivotal role of certificate management in maintaining seamless services and securing user access.

Kumar’s article elucidates that this newly available information is located in the Devices workload section, represented as a fresh column. Users are granted the flexibility to filter by the platform device OS and to scrutinize the status for All devices. The significance of certificates in Intune is underscored, as they are essential for user authentication to various applications and corporate assets. Should a certificate lapse without renewal, the consequent necessary action is re-enrollment in Intune by the impacted user.

The article also offers guidance for those who initially might not spot the Management certificate expiration date column, detailing the steps to add it by selecting a column detail name. Upon completion of these steps, the expiration date and timestamp of the Management certificate become visible adjacent to the device name.

Furthermore, Kumar elaborates on the method of adjusting the display of the Management certificate expiration date by determining a specific date range and implementing filters. Once the filters are in place, there is an option for administrators to easily export a compilation of devices that align with the selected expiration dates.

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