“Microsoft Intune Suite: The Essential Beginners Guide” is a video by Andy Malone MVP and it provides a comprehensive overview of configuring devices and users in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Andy emphasizes the importance of understanding Microsoft Intune, which has become more complex over time. He mentions a new course, MD102 configuring Microsoft Intune, for those interested in certification.

Andy begins by demonstrating the configuration of devices in Azure Active Directory, discussing the licensing requirements and device limits. He shows how to configure device settings such as Azure AD join and registration, multi-factor authentication, local administrator password service (LAPS), and BitLocker key recovery restrictions.

The video then delves into Microsoft Intune, explaining that it is part of the broader Endpoint Manager suite, which includes security components. Andy demonstrates enrolling devices and managing them in Intune, highlighting features like single sign-on and the ability to manage the device in Intune while keeping the user account in Active Directory.

Andy explores different management capabilities for devices in Intune, including retirement, remote wipe, and restart options. He also discusses additional premium features like remote lock and remote assistance. Configuration policies and compliance policies are covered, allowing for the enforcement of various settings and rules on devices. The video briefly touches on scripting and updates deployment.

App deployment and management are showcased, emphasizing the ability to deploy and enforce policies on apps installed on managed devices. Andy mentions the availability of thousands of app policies, including those for Microsoft Office configuration. Endpoint security features such as antivirus policies, disk encryption, and firewall rules are explained, with references to Windows Defender and other Defender for Endpoint capabilities.

Andy concludes by suggesting further exploration of Microsoft InTune and encourages viewers to try a trial version to gain hands-on experience.

Overall, the video provides a beginner’s guide to Microsoft InTune, covering device configuration, management, app deployment, and endpoint security within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.