Microsoft MVP Christiaan Brinkhoff has written a thorough manual for VDI administrators on how to unify management and modernize their IT environment with Windows 365 Cloud PCs and Microsoft Intune.

Windows 365 is highlighted as a transformative service providing Cloud PCs that ensures a secure and personalized Windows experience from the cloud to any device, optimizing BYOPC initiatives and streamlining the onboarding of various types of employees. It explains specialized Windows 365 services like Frontline and Government, catering to shift workers and fulfilling the stringent compliance needs of U.S. government operations, respectively.

The piece outlines the necessary steps to configure Microsoft Intune, from ensuring proper licensing to setting up with Microsoft Entra ID, and underscores the benefits of modern management. This modern approach with Intune is credited for simplifying endpoint management, enhancing security posture through Zero Trust architecture, and reducing costs across a diverse set of operating systems and environments.

Migration strategies are discussed, focusing on the integration of user profiles and traditional components into Intune, advising the use of OneDrive for file synchronization and Enterprise State Roaming for personal settings. Additionally, the article tackles image management, advocating the use of Intune for application deployment and Gallery Images for simplicity, and introduces Windows Autopatch for maintaining up-to-date systems.

Overall, the article acts as a blueprint for adopting a more streamlined, secure, and cost-effective IT management system by utilizing the synergies of Windows 365 and Microsoft Intune​​.

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