Intune Enterprise App Management – Bulk Add Applications Using Graph

In a recent exploration of the Intune suite, Andrew Taylor (MVP) delved into the new Enterprise App Management functionality. Specifically, he wanted to understand how to automate tasks using the API. Although this topic didn’t make it into his book, he is excited to share his findings.

  1. Understanding the API Workflow:
  2. Converting to JSON:
    • We convert app details to JSON for use with the mobileapps request.
    • A request to this URL includes our version ID:.
    • Note that we need to remove certain values from the content before sending it (e.g., @odata.context, id, largeIcon, etc.).
    • The output now includes a new odata.type: "#microsoft.graph.win32CatalogApp", indicating that Graph will sort the package itself rather than expecting an upload.
  3. Sending the Request:

For more insights into Intune automation, check out Andrew Taylor’s book. Happy automating!

Original article for more in-depth details. Andrew Taylor’s blog post provides valuable insights into Intune Enterprise App Management and its capabilities