In this article, Vaishnav K guides you through creating and deploying a Remote Help App with an auto-upgrade feature using Intune for Windows devices. The Win32 App model allows us to achieve this seamlessly.

What Is Remote Help?

Remote Help is a cloud-based solution designed for safe help desk connections. With role-based access controls, your support team can remotely access users’ devices. During a session, support staff can examine the device display and even take complete control if the user grants permission. Helpers (those providing assistance) and sharers (those receiving assistance) download the app after logging into your organization. Microsoft Entra IDs are used to establish the necessary trusts for Remote Help sessions.

Prerequisites for Windows Remote Help App

Before we proceed, let’s cover the requirements:

  1. Helper and Sharer Devices: Both enrolled and unenrolled devices can be used by helpers and sharers.
  2. Enrollment: Sharer devices must be enrolled with the Intune management extension.
  3. Intune Management Extension Compatibility: The remote launch feature requires the Intune management extension, which is compatible with Windows 10 and 11. Ensure that Windows 10 devices have the KB5018410 patch installed and are at version 19042 or higher (e.g., 10.0.19042.2075, 10.0.19043.2075, or 10.0.19044.2075).
  4. Optional Windows Updates: To improve notification consistency, consider optional Windows updates (e.g., KB5028245 for Windows 11 and KB5029331 for Windows 10).

Connectivity and Security

Deployment Steps

  1. Create the Win32 App:
    • Log in to the Intune portal.
    • Navigate to All Apps > Windows and click the +Add button to create a Win32 app.
    • Upload the Remote Help app’s installation file in .intunewin format.
  2. Install the Remote Help App:
    • Download the Remote Help app from the Microsoft website.
    • Convert the downloaded EXE to IntuneWin format.
    • Use the procedures in Intune to upload and deploy the app.

Remember, this article simplifies the process, but following these steps will help you set up Remote Help efficiently within your organization.

Original article: Deploy Remote Help App with Auto Upgrade Feature in Intune.