The recent release of Configuration Manager technical preview version 2405 brings a suite of enhancements that promise to bolster your management capabilities. Let’s dive into the new features and improvements that this version has to offer.

Enhanced Security with SQL Extended Protection for Authentication

Security is a paramount concern, and version 2405 addresses this by supporting SQL Extended Protection for Authentication. This feature enhances protection against man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, ensuring that SQL Server connections are more secure, especially when using Extended Protection. This is a significant step forward in safeguarding sensitive data managed by the SQL Server Database Engine.

BitLocker Support for ARM Devices

With the increasing prevalence of ARM devices in the enterprise environment, Configuration Manager now extends its BitLocker Management capabilities to these devices. Policies that include OS Drive encryption with a TPM protector and Fixed Drive encryption with the Auto-Unlock option are now supported, marking a milestone in device encryption management.

Performance Improvements in Policy Processing and Collection Evaluation

Performance is key, and the technical preview version 2405 doesn’t disappoint. It introduces performance enhancements in policy processing and collection evaluation. This update addresses the issue of blocking chains from sp_ProcessPolicyChanges, which previously could run for hours, disrupting workloads including collection management and policy processing.

Centralized Search with Workspace Selection

The centralized search box is now more user-friendly, with the ability to select the desired workspace for searching. This feature allows users to refine their search results easily, improving the overall user experience within the Configuration Manager console.
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Known Issues and Workarounds

As with any technical preview, there are some known issues to be aware of. Users may encounter difficulties when importing or connecting to the PowerShell Configuration Manager module via the console. Additionally, the Configuration Manager console may not automatically update from version 2401 to later versions due to a known issue in the extension installer. However, workarounds are provided, ensuring that these hurdles can be overcome with minimal disruption.

Getting Started with Version 2405

For those looking to install the technical preview version 2405, the baseline version is readily available. This release offers a chance to test new features in a controlled environment before they are generally available, providing valuable insights and feedback to shape the future of Configuration Manager.

Source Article: Configuration Manager technical preview version 2405 – Microsoft Community Hub