In the video below, Jeremy Moskowitz, an Enterprise Mobility MVP and the founder of MDM and GP Answers Comm and Policy Pack Software, shares his experience with MSIX App Attach in preview. He offers valuable insights and practical tips to help viewers understand and utilize MSIX App Attach effectively. In this article, we’ll summarize Jeremy’s key points to help you walk before you run with MSIX App Attach.

  1. Starting with the Right Windows Version: To use MSIX App Attach, you need a version of Windows that supports it. Jeremy suggests starting with the 2004 version (2020 month 04) and upgrading from there. He obtained the version from MSDN and joined the Windows Insider Program to access the compatible build.
  2. Obtaining MSIX Packages: Jeremy emphasizes the need for MSIX packages to get started with MSIX App Attach. Although various types of packages are available (MSI, MSIX, App X bundle, MSIX bundle), Jeremy chose to use MSIX directly. He demonstrates how to find MSI X packages on the Microsoft repository, making it easier to get started.
  3. Converting MSIX to VHD: To proceed, Jeremy shows how to convert the MSIX package to a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) file using a script. He demonstrates the process of creating the VHD, mounting it, and expanding the MSIX package into it.
  4. Staging the VHD and Attaching the Package: The next step involves staging the VHD to make the application available in user space. Jeremy explains the importance of the package name, volume ID, and source application VHD. By running specific PowerShell scripts, he attaches the package to the user’s environment, making the application accessible.
  5. Deregistering and Detaching: To control the application’s accessibility, Jeremy explains how to deregister, detaching it from user space, and reattaching it when necessary. He provides the PowerShell scripts for these actions, empowering users to manage MSIX App Attach applications efficiently.



Jeremy Moskowitz’s walkthrough of MSIX App Attach offers valuable guidance for users looking to explore this feature. By following his step-by-step instructions, users can gain a better understanding of MSIX App Attach and avoid potential pitfalls. Remember to start with the right Windows version, obtain the necessary MSI X packages, and use the provided PowerShell scripts for staging, attaching, and detaching applications. With these tips, users can confidently explore and utilize MSIX App Attach to streamline application management and enhance user experiences.