The latest update to the MSIX Packaging Tool, version 1.2023.1005.0, brings a significant enhancement with the introduction of PSF Fixups. This new functionality automates the injection of PSF fixups, streamlining the process by removing the need for manual input. It applies to both newly created MSIX packages and those converted from App-V 5 format.

Here’s an insight into how this feature operates.

Utilizing PSF Fixups in MSIX Packaging To leverage PSF Fixups in your MSIX package, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the MSIX package and go to the PSF Fixups section.
  2. Select your Application ID to automatically fill in the executable path.
  3. Choose and configure the desired PSF Fixup.
  4. Ensure your MSIX package is properly signed.
  5. Click “Save” to inject the PSF Fixups automatically, generating a new package with the implemented fixes.
  6. Optionally, preview the generated config.json file before saving by clicking “Preview config.json”.

Types of PSF Fixups Available The current version supports several PSF Fixups, including:

  • Command Line Arguments Fixup: Facilitates passing arguments to the executable. Advanced Installer achieves this through its Parameters field in the Application Details page.
  • Working Directory Fixup: Sets the working directory, a feature also manageable in Advanced Installer.
  • InPackageContext Fixup: Ensures all processes initiated by the executable run in the same package context.
  • PowerShell Start/End Script Fixup: Runs PowerShell scripts before or after the application’s execution, similar to Advanced Installer’s PowerShell Scripts Fixup.
  • File Redirection Fixup: Redirects file and folder access, akin to File and Folder Redirections Fixup in Advanced Installer.
  • RegLegacyFixup: Modifies specific registry calls, a function also present in Advanced Installer through its Registry Legacy Fixup.

Conclusion The integration of PSF Fixups into the MSIX Packaging Tool marks a significant advancement, offering time and cost efficiency by automating PSF Fixup injections. While these features have been part of Advanced Installer for some time, the MSIX Packaging Tool’s new capability enhances its competitiveness, positioning it as a comprehensive solution in the market.

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