We have had the pleasure and the privilege of working with the UK and European arms of SCC from the early days of Readiness.

SCC and Readiness have worked closely on the design, features, and implementation of many of the core features of Readiness including:

  • Automated Assessment
  • Unique/Secure offline encoding
  • Runtime testing
  • Detailed Patch Analysis

SCC’s challenging, high-security environments required a close working relationship with new features and functionality delivered hand in hand innovative, new services from Readiness.

The ability to consume any application format (that runs on Windows) and convert it to a fully certified, fully tested, and published application was considered an impossible task a few years ago. Many, many vendors tried and failed to deliver an automated service. With Readiness, we focused on validation and testing to confirm the success of each stage, allowing us to gradually expand our services and offerings – with confidence.

As the head of application packaging at SCC Europe says,

“The Readiness assessment report delivered a rapid Windows 11 assessment to our client that allowed us massively reduce the risk of moving to Windows 11.”

Knowing that what we deliver works, for our partners and for our clients. Guaranteed.

We have renewed our global partnership with SCC, with a renewed focus on patch testing (both algorithmic and runtime), automated conversions and application testing. This is great news for Readiness, and we aim to deliver for the coming year of 2024.

Thank you, SCC, for your continued support and business.

From the Readiness Team

Greg Lambert