Pay to Play Packaging Offer from Readiness. Here is a famous (if somewhat apocryphal) story of one of our senior engineers’ interview question:

“Why do you want to join our team?”

The answer from the new recruit was a surprise, but went something like:

“Your product is kinda crap. I want to help make it better”.

The sentiment was well received by (most of) the team—and a legend was born. To continue this story, we want your opinions on Readiness, and we are willing to pay.

We have created a special offer for experienced application packagers (MSI, MSIX, Liquidware) and desktop engineers to bring Readiness an application package, and then walk through our automated process which includes:

  • Algorithmic and Runtime Assessment
  • Repackage, Convert or update (via a Transform)
  • Test the results on a sample workstation build
  • Generate a QA report on the application installation issues and any fixes offered by Readiness

We are looking for GOOD application packagers, and BAD application installations.

What is the offer?

The Pay-per-Package Offer includes the following steps:

  • Bring us an “interesting” application installation!
  • Spend 15-20 mins (online) with one of our engineers to describe the issue(s)
  • Give us a few days (checking the app, and any vendor/license issues)
  • Allow Readiness to show you the results of our updated installation and testing results over a 15-minute online session (basically, a Teams call).

We then give you USD$100.00 cash.


If you are interested contact: [email protected]

We will get back to you within a business day and set up a call with a Readiness engineer.

Greg Lambert