We found an interesting article on the website of Advanced Installer. The article explains how to repackage Java-dependent applications as MSIX packages using Advanced Installer Repackager. MSIX is a new packaging format that replaces App-V and offers better security and user experience. The article shows how to:

  • Download the latest Java version and capture its resources with Advanced Installer Repackager. The latest Java version can be downloaded from here1.
  • Remove the unrelated files and registries that were captured during the repackaging process and build the MSIX package. This step ensures that only the necessary resources are included in the package.
  • Set up the Path Environment Variable correctly in the Environment page of Advanced Installer to ensure that the application can load Java from the MSIX package. The Path Environment Variable should point to the location of Java within the package. Advanced Installer provides its own support for environment variables to directory/folder paths, which is not natively supported by MSIX.
  • Create a batch file to display the Java version and add it as an application entry in the Application Details page of Advanced Installer. This step can be used to verify that the application is using the correct version of Java from the package.

The article concludes that repackaging Java as MSIX can help organizations mitigate the security risk of malware and cyberattacks that target Java. It also mentions some benefits of using MSIX, such as:

  • Streamlined deployment: MSIX packages can be easily installed, updated, and removed without affecting the system state or other applications.
  • Enhanced security: MSIX packages run in a container that isolates them from the rest of the system and prevents unwanted changes or access.
  • Better user experience: MSIX packages can leverage modern features such as live tiles, notifications, and app extensions.

The article also provides some links to other resources, such as:

  • The MSIX Packaging Tool, which is another tool that can be used to convert legacy applications to MSIX format. It offers both an interactive UI and a command line for conversions. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store2 or from Microsoft Store for Business web portal3.
  • The Package Support Framework (PSF), which is a framework that runs in an MSIX container and helps apply fixes to existing applications when the source code is not available. It supports various fixups, such as argument redirection, which redirects createProcess call arguments from the native AppData folder to per user, per app data.
  • The Package Editor, which is a feature of Advanced Installer that allows editing the content and properties of an MSIX package without unpackaging and repackaging it. It also supports quick inclusion of trace fixup for debugging purposes.


Bogdan Mitrache