In the contemporary world of software development, whether it’s a revolutionary video game, a financial management tool for your company, or a simple, enhanced version of Notepad, there’s one thing you cannot overlook: the need for a smooth, user-friendly installation process. The primary tool that enables this process is a setup package. Here, we review Advanced Installer, a software solution that streamlines the creation of these setup packages.

Initial Steps:

Firstly, you need to download Advanced Installer from and install it on your machine. After the installation, creating a new project is a breeze. Start by filling in the product details and support info sections. The data you provide here should be valuable and relevant to your end users.

Adding Files and Shortcuts:

The subsequent step brings you to the “Files and Folders” page where you can add the application’s necessary files into the setup package. To ensure a seamless user experience, you can also create a shortcut to the application via the “Shortcuts” page. This enables your end users to access the software easily after installation.

Registry Entries and Dialogues:

For applications that need specific registry entries to function properly, Advanced Installer offers the “Registry” page. Here, you can add the required keys and values. Further customization of the installation process is facilitated by the “Dialogues” page. This feature allows you to configure the dialogues that appear during the installation process. For instance, you can introduce a dialogue for users to select their preferred installation directory.

Finalizing the Setup Package:

Once all the configurations are in place, you’re only a click away from having a fully functional setup package for your application. Simply hit the “Build” button, and your setup package will be ready.

Advanced Installer proves to be an intuitive, user-friendly tool that simplifies the entire process of creating setup packages. The company also provides helpful video tutorials and a comprehensive user guide, which can be found on If you have further questions or want a deeper understanding of each feature, you’re encouraged to explore these resources.

The efficient packaging and installation process facilitated by Advanced Installer can enhance user satisfaction and increase your application’s success rate. Be it a complex application with specific registry needs or a simple desktop tool, Advanced Installer can cater to your packaging needs, making the deployment process a breeze.


Bogdan Mitrache