Juriba posted an interesting interview with Bob Kelly, founder of online IT Pro communities AppDetails, ITNinja (previously AppDeploy), tech author, application deployment specialist, and Director of Product Management Flexera.

This interview is part of an ongoing Expert Interview Series where we meet with knowledgeable industry veterans on Evergreen IT, Modern Application Packaging, and Digital End User Experience.

Bob talks about new problems and challenges, which keeps things interesting. Things are certainly changing for the better with new technology and new formats such as MSIX. You’ve also got the modern user experience that everybody expects with heightened end-user expectations where everybody always has everything they need, which means keeping applications up to date.

On the other hand, he mentions that change is not just about technology. It is a cultural shift in an organization and overcoming the fear of change within those groups and hierarchies. It can be the people just as much as the technology that can block modern management. So sometimes, despite these pros, a complete change to an alternative solution on paper is simple, and modern does have its limitations. Take ConfigMgr; it’s a beast and has been around forever, but it has also received years of feedback, and as a Product Manager, I can appreciate the fact that all that feedback led to tiny little features and fixes.

Full article: https://blog.juriba.com/why-application-packaging-will-always-be-relevant

Bob Kelly