Patch My PC is an excellent solution for managing Windows application packages for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune.

Cloud-native or cloud hybrid organizations, particularly those using Microsoft Intune only to manage Windows desktops, will need to consider where to run the Patch My PC Publisher. A virtual machine hosted in Azure is a natural choice for these organizations. In this article, I’ll provide an approach to deploying the Patch My PC Publisher into Microsoft Azure, with costs, using a real-world example.

The Customer’s Environment

The example I’m using for this article is a cloud-native customer environment. All Windows PCs are Azure AD joined and managed with Microsoft Intune, and no Active Directory domain exists. The environment isn’t particularly large in terms of devices; however, they have a wide range of applications deployed across managed desktops, partly due to the technical nature of their business and developers on staff.

Patch My PC is configured to package many application packages and updates and push these into the Microsoft Intune tenant.

The customer does have a presence in Microsoft Azure to run virtual machines for several infrastructure roles; thus, the Patch My PC Publisher server is deployed into Azure.

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