PSPackageFactory is an automated packaging factory for Microsoft Intune, created by a fork of IntuneWin32AppPackager and combining it with Evergreen and VcRedist. It allows users to maintain a library of applications for automatic update, packaging, and importing into Intune.

The factory uses Create-Win32App.ps1, which is updated to use Evergreen and VcRedist to download the latest version of a target application before packaging and importing into Intune. The factory uses Evergreen and VcRedist to update App.json for each package via a GitHub Workflow that runs every 24 hours. This ensures that the factory is always up-to-date and will create an Intune Win32 application package using the latest version of an application.

For applications that cannot be automatically updated, such as installers locked behind a login or custom to the target environment, this packaging framework provides a repeatable process to package and import those applications into Intune.

PSPackageFactory includes features such as support for a library of application packages or application update packages, automatic updates of App.json with details of the latest application version, support for icons available over HTTPS, additional Win32 application package properties, and package properties that enable the identification of the same application across multiple versions.

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