Azure Virtual Desktop is an Azure service first

AVD is a VDI solution built on a public cloud service rather than a product that has added support to public clouds for virtual desktops. If you compare AVD to traditional VDI solutions, you’ll see that AVD is very different.

Build AVD on a Solid Foundation

Success requires planning your AVD deployment by building upon an Azure adoption framework. In addition, many Azure components should be designed and deployed correctly, including identity, regions, networks, management, and security frameworks that are key to success when deploying any workload into Azure.

Ensure AVD Service URLs Aren’t Blocked

AVD has a set of URLs that are required for correct operation. Enterprise customers often force all internet connections through a proxy server via Group Policy or proxy auto-discovery.

RDP can perform better than HDX

OK, some caution here as I need to perform some additional testing, so put this one down as anecdotal – RDP on AVD can perform better than Citrix HDX.

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