IDM Computer Solutions UltraEdit 28.10
Author: Tim Mangan
Date: October 22, 2022


UltraEdit is a commercial text editor for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X created in 1994 by the founder of IDM Computer Solutions Inc., Ian D. Mead, and owned by Idera, Inc. since August 2021. The editor contains tools for programmers, including macros, configurable syntax highlighting, code folding, file type conversions, project management, regular expressions for search-and-replace, a column-edit mode, remote editing of files via FTP, interfaces for APIs or command lines of choice, and more. Files can be browsed and edited in tabs, and it also supports Unicode and hex editing mode.

General Information

Vendor Information

IDM Computer Solutions

Application Name


Application Version


Download Link

License Needed

Yes but not for installation

Vendor Install

Installation Type





Application Configuration/Settings





User Environment Data





Infrastructure Dependencies



Connection Name



Setup.exe parameters

'/s /v"qn"' for silent.
'/s /v"passive"' for passive.

MSI Public Properties

Installation Commands

Silent Install Command

Silent Uninstall Command

Repackaging Score




Full Functional
For packaging instructions see Repackaging Tips below





Citrix App Layer


VMWare App Volumes




Repackaging Tips

The application uses an ini file, 'uedit64u.ini', that is placed in the user's AppData\Roaming\IDMCOMP\UltraEdit folder. Preconfiguration of the app may be performed by including this file in the package. Change line to 'Check For Updates=0' to disable update checks.
  • The app adds 4 shortcuts, 3 to the main program and one for the uninstaller.
  • It is normal to remove the desktop and quick launch versions of the main program and also the uninstaller.
  • There are no shell extensions, protocol handlers, or services.
  • The product has xml files in the installation area; it is unclear if these might change in use.
  • The configuration is a file under AppDataRoaming.
Packaging UltraEdit for MSIX The software was packaged on Windows 10 21H2 using Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool 1.2022.330 and enhanced by editing with TMEditX to inject the PSF.1 In the MMPT:
  • After the app install, copy the configuration file (uedit64u.ini) with desired settings under the logged-in user's AppData/Roaming/IDMComp/UltraEdit folder.
  • If this file is added, you must also create the folder AppData/Roaming/IDMComp/UltraEdit/volatile (and either place a dummy file in it or let the MMPT create one for you). Otherwise, the end-user will get a popup error on the first run that it can't create the folder.
  • The product installs PRogIDs, but you have to run the product and use file->settings to apply the FTAs. We solved this without launching during capture by using a reg file (running an installed copy and exporting the FTA to create a reg file, shown below) during this capture.
  • Four COM objects are ignored by the MMPT because the app did not register the ProgID in the exact form the MMPT expected. Clearly, the base OS didn't mind this, but the MMPT does. We overcome this by importing an additional reg file:

reg Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Classes/CertMng.CertStores/CurVer] @="CertMng.CertStores.1"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Classes/CertMng.Certificates/CurVer] @="CertMng.Certificates.1"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Classes/WeOnlyDo.DirItem/CurVer] @="WeOnlyDo.DirItem.1"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Classes/WeOnlyDo.DirItems/CurVer] @="WeOnlyDo.DirItems.1"

In TMEditX
* PsfLauncher is required as is the FRF.
* Several Shell commands are missing for the fta in the manifest as MMPT supports only one verb per FTA.  TMEditX can fix this.
* LoaderSearchOrder fix to manifest is warrented. TMEditX can fix this.
* ExecutionAlias fix to manifest is warrented.  TMEditX can fix this.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






@="/"C://Program Files//IDM Computer Solutions//UltraEdit//uedit64.exe/" /"%1/""


@="/"C://Program Files//IDM Computer Solutions//UltraEdit//uedit64.exe/" /"%1/""


@="/"C://Program Files//IDM Computer Solutions//UltraEdit//uedit64.exe/" /p /"%1/""


@="C://Program Files//IDM Computer Solutions//UltraEdit//ue64ctmn.dll"



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