2BrightSparks SyncBackPro
2BrightSparks SyncBackPro
Author: Administrator
Date: February 23, 2024

Repackaging tips and silent install information for 2BrightSparks SyncBackPro This App Tip provides comprehensive details for conducting a silent installation of SyncBackPro. It includes additional insights, such as user environment specifics, extra installation parameters, and repackaging tips.


File sync and backup application for Windows that enables individuals and small businesses to schedule backups and analyze data.

General Information

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Setup.exe parameters

/language="language_code" : You can specify which language the program should use when run. This is a two-character language and is the same as shown in burger menu burger -> Language. For example, to use French: SyncBackSE_Setup.exe /language="FR"
/SN="serial_number" : The serial number to use. For example: SyncBackPro_Setup.exe /SN="serial number"
/UAO="offline UA serial_number" : If you have Upgrade Assurance, this is the offline Upgrade Assurance serial number, e.g. SyncBackPro_Setup.exe /SN="serial number" /UAO="offline UA serial"
/SettingsFolder="folder" : This can be used to specify the folder to use to get settings and profiles settings from, e.g. /SettingsFolder="C:\My Folder\"
/Counter="value" : Set to 5 to not be prompted about visiting the introduction web page or runtime intelligence, e.g. /Counter="5"
/UpdCheckDays="days" : The number of days between automatic update checks. Use 0 to disable update checks. The default value is 30. The /UpdCheckDays parameter is only used for new installations. So if SyncBackPro is already installed then this value is ignored and it will continue to use the existing setting.
/StopBg="value" : By default, background backups are not started. To enable background backups pass "N", e.g. /StopBg="N"
/NoBackupPrompt="value" : You can also switch off the prompting about the backup folder when upgrading from one major version to another, e.g. /NoBackupPrompt="Y"
/CloseApplications : Instructs the installer to close applications using files that need to be updated (if possible).
/ForceCloseApplications : Instructs the installer to forcibly close applications using files that need to be updated (if possible).
/SUPPRESSMSGBOXES : Instructs the installer to suppress message boxes. It only has an effect when combined with /SILENT or /VERYSILENT. If you are using a non-elevated installer (the install filename ends with _NE), and this is the first time you are installing SyncBackPro, then it will default to /currentuser unless you specify /allusers. If SyncBackPro is already installed, then it will use the previous setting, i.e. if it is already installed for all users then it will install for all users.
For example, for a silent install of SyncBackPro 64-bit, to use French, pass a serial number, switch off update checks, not be prompted about a backup folder for old profiles, not be prompted about visiting the introduction page and not to be prompted about Runtime Intelligence when the program is run: SyncBackPro64_Setup.exe /verysilent /language="FR" /SN="serial number" /UpdCheckDays="0" /NoBackupPrompt="Y" /Counter="5"

MSI Public Properties

Installation Commands

Silent Install Command

SyncBackPro64_Setup.exe /verysilent /language="EN" /SN="serial number" /UpdCheckDays="0" /NoBackupPrompt="Y" /Counter="5"

Silent Uninstall Command

"%PROGRAMFILES%\2BrightSparks\SyncBackPro\unins000.exe" /SILENT

Repackaging Score









Citrix App Layer


VMWare App Volumes



Full Functional
Silent Install

Repackaging Tips

For the SyncBackPro installation there are a number of optional installation command line parameters related to the SBM Service (if used): /SBMS_Hostname="hostname" : This is the hostname, IP address, or URL of the SyncBack Management Service (SBM Service). If you are using a HTTP connection type then this is the complete URL include the port number. For example: /SBMS_Hostname="http://myserver.com:8099/BIN/". If you are using a TCP or Named Pipe connection type then this is the hostname or IP address. For example: /SBMS_Hostname="". /SBMS_Port="port number" : This is the port number of the SBM Service. It is only used when the connection type is TCP, and the default port number is 8095. For example: /SBMS_Port="8095" /SBMS_Username="username" : This is the login username for the SBM Service. Typically each user has their own login username for the SBM Service. /SBMS_Password="password" : This is the login password for the SBM Service.



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